I’ve written a number of exclusive news stories for InfraNews on the planned privatisation of the Green Investment Bank by the UK government.

On 12 February 2016, I reported on the timetable set out by the government for its sale of a stake in the Green Investment Bank. I was also the first to report the expected GBP 4bn price tag for the bank.

I later revealed on 15 February the GIB’s plans to widen its investment mandate once it has been privatised so that it can invest in clean energy projects based in continental Europe.

Earlier, in December 2015, I reported that the GIB was considering appointing a watchdog trio to safeguard its green principles port sale.

I’ve also written a longer in-depth piece on how plans by the government to privatise the GIB will ultimately change the bank, but how its early-stage discussions about deals in new clean energy sectors could dampen concerns about whether it can stay “green” post-privatisation.

Links (subscription needed): http://www.infra-news.com/news/environment-and-renewables/1702761/gib-sale-to-launch-this-month.thtml





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